Coat Jacket Pattern1 Fashion Zip Women's XINHEO Pocket Camo Weekend Stitch ZxS08 Coat Jacket Pattern1 Fashion Zip Women's XINHEO Pocket Camo Weekend Stitch ZxS08

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Camo Pocket Coat Jacket Zip Pattern1 Stitch Women's Fashion XINHEO Weekend
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Coat Jacket Pattern1 Fashion Zip Women's XINHEO Pocket Camo Weekend Stitch ZxS08

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Noise Mapping Austria
The strategic noise maps for all of Austria were calculated with CadnaA. XINHEO Size Stand Packable Down Outwear Collar Lake Light Plus Blue Ultra Jackets Women 144rqCwU

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New with version 3.71: Now with more than 60 supported file formats!
XINHEO Fashion Pattern1 Zip Stitch Weekend Jacket Coat Pocket Camo Women's
With option BMP bitmap-files can be imported in various formats to serve as background pictures. The most common application is importing scanned maps used as a template for entering sound sources, receiver points and other objects. Furthermore, digital or digitized photographs (orthophotos) in TIFF or JPEG format can be imported.

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 Importing geo-referenced bitmaps
 Imported orthophoto as background picture

The number of importable images depends on available memory space and on image resolution. When importing a bitmap file CadnaA references the file name and its path. The bitmap file itself is not stored in the CadnaA file. Even when moving the project file and the bitmap to a different folder on the hard drive, CadnaA will still locate the bitmap file as long as it remains stored together with the project file in the same folder.

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  • Import of scanned maps of any size
  • Shifting, turning and transformation during import ("calibrate bitmap")
  • Automatic positioning and geo-referencing (requires coordinates transformation file)
  • Size of the bitmap is just restricted by memory space available
  • Over 60 supported file formats
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XINHEO Zip Pocket Pattern1 Weekend Coat Stitch Fashion Women's Jacket Camo